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Jan 28, 2013 3:00pm EST
? watching them on tv. >> is he slouching the way this steve slouches? >> that's good vice presidential posture there and saying, jill, how do i change it to fox? >> mibl a serial killer. >> i'm glad you got the right message of the drawing. that's so interesting to me about all this is that obama -- >> drawing skills? >> yes. >> that's what it is. >> you're incorrigible. >> the popular second term president and we'll see where obama's popularity is a couple of years from now but the popularity in the party never dropped below 80% and the popular second term president anoints the successor and a role of the vice presidential pick. your vice president is the successor. we are in a weird situation where the natural heir is hillary clinton. we saw last night, i don't think it's dramatic or a great statement on clinton's part, this is it, i'm passing the torch but a validation of what we know is the basic dynamic of two years. she is the natural heir to most people in this party. if she decides she wants to run in this case, rock joe biden will run and other people will run. i think of al g
Jan 29, 2013 3:00pm EST
the election results eastbound though as you mentioned, steve, a lot of these guys in safer districts than in the last election due to gerrymandering, whatnot, folks in the gop leadership very mindful to get on the right side of history with latinos. the fastest growing immigrant group as we know and talking to boehner, cantor, mccarthy, they want the move forward on this and enough rank and file to realize they need to get in better with latino groups and would you have a same problem of house republicans curtailing a deal? probably not because if marco rubio is someone when's very well liked by a bunch of conservative house republicans, if they get something through the senate with rubio's name attached to it, it's difficult not to move forward and you have seen things over the last year, give you an example, the fiscal cliff deal, the way that passed out of the u.s. senate with overwhelming bipartisan support, went to the house and house republicans angry about it and wanted to stop it. guess what. they folded at the end. but i'm going back to something i mentioned yester
Jan 22, 2013 12:00pm PST
hearing from them about what they know right now? >> steve, thank you very much. my first priority is the safety and security of my constituents and those who are at lone star, faculty, staff and students. and i am in the midst of reaching out and have had an opportunity to speak to the president of the college. no one is ready even though there's a lot of representation about what this was, ready to make a conclusive statement as to whether or not there are anymore shooters. we do know what you all have been reporting is that someone has been seriously injured and we don't know the status of that person's injuryings. they're critical and praying for them and praying for those on the campus because a lot of students, this is a campus of 90,000 students. this particular one, or a system of 90,000, it is a tranquil campus, community college. it is much a scene of tranquility and studying as you would any four-year college. embedded in the woods of harris county and very, very, very lovely. my concern to protect those who remain, to make sure that the law enforcement which there are l
Jan 24, 2013 12:00pm PST
and weather. >>> i'm steve kornacki. the forecast is dreary but in a turn of events al roker or krystal couldn't predict partly cloudy sunny days in the senate or not. >>> i'm s.e. cupp, women have reasons to take notice. >>> i'm toure and we need all the soldiers we can get. the monster squid is real. don't believe me? i'll show you the videotape. >> what? >>. >>> all that and something that didn't happen in 97 years. scott walker is probably marking the occasion. you're in "the cycle" and we are ready to roll. >>> the stage is set. the handoff has begun and to quote the beatles for secretary of state hillary clinton, she says hello and we say good-bye. hello-hello. this morning the present secretary and the future secretary appeared before the senate foreign relations committee as kerry's sure march to secretary of state began. >> if you confirm me, i would take office as secretary proud that the senate is in my blood. but equally proud that so, too, is the foreign service. >> this comes less than 24 hours after hillary clinton spent five and a half hours testifying before the
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)